Which one of our Bell tents is right for you?

by Canvas Tent Shop on April 03, 2019
Which one of our Bell tents is right for you?

Here at Canvas Tent Shop we offer a wide variety of bell tents. This post is set out to help you choose which of our bell tents is right for you. We have been producing bell tents for well over 30 years so we like to think we really know the ins and outs of all the choices available to you.


Our range of canvas bell tents consists of 3 main styles, the Bushcraft, the Kokoon and the Glade. All 3 bell tents are very traditional in style and made to the highest quality, they are all fully waterproof and rotproof. The canvas we use is incredibly tough and hardwearing. The Kookon and The Glade are made of 350GSM canvas while The Bushcraft boasts an impressive 450GSM canvas! For those of you that are less familiar with bell tents, GSM stands for Grams per square meter. This is a great way of indicating how heavy, thick and strong a fabric is. Put simply, the higher the GSM the stronger the canvas. On the other hand, this does mean the higher the GSM the heavier the canvas. This is something to bear in mind when selecting which bell tent is right for you. The Bushcraft and The Kokoon are based around a main centre pole which supports the canvas and gives it its iconic look with the Glade taking a slightly different style which will be explored more later.


Starting with our Bushcraft Bell Tent, we offer this in 4m or 5m Diameter. This is going back to the traditional style of bell tents. As mentioned above it’s made of 450GSM canvas which is fully waterproof and rotproof. The centre pole is made of strong hardwood which comes in two pieces making it easier to transport about. In keeping with the traditional style, the groundsheet is made from 250GSM Polyethylene. This then pegs into the hessian sod cloth which is sewn around the inside edge of the tent. The Sissle guy ropes and tent are held in place with 12 and 9 inch wooden pegs. The tent includes 3 mesh air vents to increase airflow. Most modern bell tents have zip up doors. Our Bushcraft bell tent still offers a lace up door, with Dutch lacing. This traditional style of door it has always been a firm favourite with re-enactment and scout groups.


Moving onto our Kokoon style of bell tents. These come in a few different styles. Our first offering is the Kokoon Bell Tent with Zipped in Groundsheet. This is a modern version of our Bushcraft Bell tent. The Kokoon with zipped in groundsheet is made from 350GSM canvas. This also comes in either 3m, 4m or 5m Diameter. The Kokoon offers a 1.5m front pole to keep the doorway up and give you some more space as well as the main 2.5m centre pole. Just like our Bushcraft bell tent it is made of one complete piece of hardwearing white cotton canvas which is waterproof and rotproof. To make sure the tent stays fully waterproof there is a waterproof canvas flap which covers the zips. For ease of use the 500GSM PVC groundsheet zips into the canvas, creating a seal to the outside environment. The tent comes with 14-inch steel pegs which are incredibly strong and great for varying weather conditions. This tent is great for glamping sites, family camping and weekends away because of how easy it is to erect and dismantle.


Our top of the range Bell tent is the Kokoon Deluxe. This comes in 4m and 5m sizes just like our other bell tent offerings, but we now also offer it in a 6m which is mightily impressive!  It is made from our 350GSM hardwearing white cotton canvas which is, again, waterproof and rotproof. We believe this is the ultimate Bell Tent! The Kokoon Deluxe offers everything the Kokoon with zipped in groundsheet does plus a lot more. To start with the door way is kept clear by the galvanised metal A-frame to give you easy access to the tent. We include a rain cap to fit on the top of the A-frame to keep out those pesky drips. The door has a secondary mosquito layer which is great during the summer so you can keep the doors open but keep the bugs out. The PVC zipped in groundsheet is 500GSM which really helps to insulate the floor and keep the heat in. The 32mm thick centre pole is also galvanised, this stops the pole rusting so you know its going to last. One of the best features on the Deluxe is the 4 mesh windows which are located around the edge of the tent. These have two great benefits, increasing airflow on those hot days and also letting the light in. The guy ropes have been upgraded to black Dura rope which is very strong and won’t let you down in windy conditions. Even with the added A-frame this tent has been designed in such a way it is still incredibly easy to erect and dismantle. Just like the Kokoon with zipped in groundsheet it comes with the 14-inch steel pegs which are incredibly strong and great for varying weather conditions. This is the ultimate Bell Tent any camping or glamping situation!


Our Glade Bell Tent is certainly a bit different! It is made of 350GSM hardwearing white cotton canvas which is waterproof and rotproof. Our Bushcraft and Kokoon Bell Tents are both supported by a main centre pole which gives the tent its iconic look. Our Glade Bell Tent has no Centre pole whilst still maintaining its Bell Tent look. The Tent is instead supported by a galvanised internal tripod structure. The obvious benefit is the increased space. We offer this tent in either 3m or 4m. A ‘standard’ 3m Bell tent would never be able to fit a double bed inside due to the centre pole but the Glade can accommodate a double bed with room to spare. The Glade offers all the great features of our Kokoon Deluxe: the galvanised metal A-frame including the rain cap, the secondary mosquito door, the 500GSM zipped in groundsheet and the mesh windows to name just a few! Just like the Kokoon Deluxe this tent is the perfect companion for any glamping or camping situation!


A feature which is available on all of our Canvas Bell Tents is for them to have the ability for their sides to be rolled up. Depending on the style of Bell tent, this can be done by either un-pegging or un-zipping the groundsheet then by simply working your way around the tent rolling up the canvas and holding in place with the fabric ties. Once this has been completed it really opens the tent up and creates more of a shelter and lets in the outside world. It’s a feature that original Bell Tents were known for and here at Canvas Tent Shop we want to make sure we can keep offering this to our customers.


A massive part of camping in a bell tent is having the ability to use a stove. At Canvas Tent Shop we understand how important this is to people. Excluding the Glade, all of our canvas Bell Tents can come with Chimney Fitting. Stoves are a great addition to a Bell Tent, not only to use for cooking but also as a great heat source and will keep your tent warm on those chilly days. When using a stove inside a tent safety is very important. The canvas Bell Tent is not fireproof so using one of our sewn in chimney fittings is strongly advised. This can be added on as an optional extra when purchasing one of our canvas Bell Tents or can be purchased separately to sew in yourself. To keep your stove flue from coming into contact with your chimney fitting and tent we offer two solutions. First is the tent protector. This is a metal sleeve that tightens around a section of flue to keep the heat away from your canvas this is designed to work with our Bushcraft woodburners. Our other product is our Flashing Kit. This is a silicone collar which is held in place by two metal bands. The flue pipe simply slides through the silicone collar, which is designed to withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees! The silicone has been manufactured in an off-white colour so it is less visible and will blend in with the canvas. The Flashing Kit is designed to work with all of our Woodburner range except the allrounder stove and the mini Bushcraft.


I hope reading this post has given you all the knowledge you need to go out a purchase the right Bell Tent for you. If you do have any further questions on anything camping then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.