Bell Tent with Canopy Shelter for Camping & Glamping

by Canvas Tent Shop on August 30, 2019
Bell Tent with Canopy Shelter for Camping & Glamping

Bell Tent with Canopy Shelter for Camping & Glamping – Sleeps Up-to 4

A new, spacious Bell tent - getting our thinking hats on!

During peak season, we’ve had lots of requests for larger bell tents that cater for groups and different styles of bell tent awning that add additional space as an option. So our management team sat down to discuss the ins and outs of designing a new tent: the Canopy Bell Tent.
We wanted to offer our customers something a little bit different; a tent that looked just like the popular and classic Bell Tent – a fav with new and experienced campers alike - while at the same time providing more shelter and useable space. Having the choice to add or remove the canopy was an absolute must too. We also needed to make sure that the Canopy Bell Tent included all the features of our current range of Canvas Bell Tents – and we believe we may have pulled it off..

The Canopy Bell Tent – The Ultimate in Camping Equipment

The 4M Canopy Bell Tent, with detachable canopy and made from 210gsm 100% cotton, offers everything our Kokoon Deluxe range provides, plus a whole lot more:
  • It’s waterproof, rot-proof and mould-proof
  • The tent stands at 4m high with the canopy being 1.7m high
  • It weighs a total of 25kg, so it’s easy to transport around
  • The doorway is kept clear by the galvanised metal A-frame, to give you easy access to the tent
  • Sleeps up-to 4 people
A rain-cap is included that fits onto the top of the A-frame, to keep out rain. The door has a secondary mosquito layer, so that you can keep the doors open to enjoy the Sun, while keeping the bugs out.
The PVC zipped-in groundsheet is 500GSM, which helps to insulate the floor and keep the heat in – ideal for camping during the Autumn and Winter months.
The 32mm thick centre-pole is galvanised, which reduces the chances of the pole rusting and increasing longevity.  The Canopy Bell Tent also features extra thick guy-ropes, with branded easy-pull sliders.
The 4 mesh windows, located around the edge of the tent, are one of its best features and provide 2 great benefits:
  • They increase the airflow passing through the tent – a must-have for camping on hot or humid summer days
  • They let natural sunlight in, providing all-important vitamin D
Just like the Kokoon Deluxe range, The Canopy comes with the heavy-duty steel pegs which are incredibly strong and provide rugged resistance in varying weather conditions.
In a nutshell, The Canopy is the ultimate Bell Tent for any camping or glamping adventure!
The added canopy attachment gives you much-needed extra space that can be used in a variety of situations, such as:
  • Cooking or dining under, when space is at a premium, especially if the weather isn’t ideal
  • Providing extra storage space for shoes, camping equipment or seating
  • Shelter, to keep your tent clean and dry in adverse weather conditions
  • Storage for eating utensils or cookware
We wanted the Canopy addition to be easily removable from the main Bell Tent, without too much hassle or fuss. The Canopy is held in place using a single zip along the front of the tent porch. Once unzipped, the tent can be folded away and the guy-rope that is attached to the top of the door can be replaced leaving a standard 4m Bell Tent.
The Canopy Bell Tent has been greatly received throughout the camping and glamping communities – in fact, one Glamping site in particular, “Dark Sky Glamping”, based near Hexham, thinks the Canopy Tent is great favourite among their customers
Just like our other tents, the Canopy Bell Tent can be erected and taken down very quickly and easily, with everything fitting into one very-strong canvas bag and comes with free bunting, to hang round the edge of the canopy.
Ordering is simple: we provide FREE Delivery with shipment the same day, if ordered before 1pm. What are you waiting for? Order now!

Canopy Bell Tent Accessories

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