Coir Matting for Canvas Tents (Bell, Ridge & Patrol)

Coir Matting for Canvas Bell, Ridge and Patrol Tents

Coir Matting for Canvas Tents (Bell, Ridge & Patrol) - available as half-moon, full-moon or as an entrance mat. Perfect for flooring in your canvas tent.

Coir mats add a luxury feel to your bell tent or to create a natural look and feel to your bell tent floor.

Our coir mats, designed by us, are made from only the finest coconut fibres.

Coir matting will act as a barrier between you and the groundsheet, whilst keeping the insulation aspect. 

Choose from either one half-moon coir mat or a select a full moon to fit the whole inside of your bell tent. Each half-moon coir matting has a semi-circle hole cut out for the centre pole and has a 5CM cotton border round the edges . 

The Mats are designed for use with any 4m and 5m bell tent and are cut slightly shorter round the edges to ensure a sensible fit inside your bell tent. Our bell tent entrance mats are ideal to lay inside or outside of your bell tent and possibly a cheaper alternative if you are not looking to cover your bell tent floor.

Bell tent coir matting is very simple to clean- simply brush down with some water and leave out to dry.