Canvas Tent Accessories 

We have a number of amazing accessories for your canvas tent to make your trip that little bit more special! 

Stove Accessories

CTS Firestarter Pack with Logs & Fuel Tablets

Pack of logs with fuel tablets

*Axe not included


Frontier Portable Woodburner Mini Oven – Fits Any Stove & Lightweight

Woodburner Mini Oven - portable, lightweight mini-oven that simply sits on top of any of our woodburner stoves.


Pipe Oven for Bushcraft Silver-Gem & Woodsman Stove

stainless steel pipe oven - double wall oven- glass door - temperature gauge- will reach temperatures above 200 degrees- perfect for cooking pies, pasties and baked potatoes etc,- suitable for the woodsman, woodburner and silver-gem stoves only.


Stove Accessories