Stove Accessories – Options and Extras Galore!
Looking to expand your cooking options? Already found your ideal wood-burner stove? Check out our selection of stove add-ons and accessories and don’t forget hot water – our water tank heaters are perfect for washing, boiling or making morning coffee!

Please note: you will need a chimney fitting to use your wood-burner stove in a Bell Tent, a flashing kit, a flue section and a heat-mat to protect your tent or patio floor from any falling burning embers.

Cooking on wooden flooring? A heat-mat placed under your stove will protect your patio or decking. 

Confused by all the options and accessories available for your stove and not sure what you really need? Get in touch, we’re happy to help!  

Stove Accessories


Handy wood chopping tool - solid rubber handle - 37cm in length


Stove Accessories