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Planning to eat while enjoying your camping experience? Need to dry clothes or heat-up your tent when it gets a little chilly at night? Our extensive selection of wood-burner stoves can be used for heating and are ideal for cooking inside or outside your canvas Bell Tent.

Use our left-side navigation to choose from inside, outside, brand and painted or stainless steel wood-burner stoves.  

Some of our packages include free fire-starter packs, axes, carry bags and top lids - so go explore!

The Bushcraft wood-burner stove range includes everything you need, from the affordable portable wood-burner stove and collapsible Mini Bushcraft to the top-of-the-range 25KG Allrounder stove, with optional water tank.  For Bushcraft stoves, you will also need a flashing kit and flue section if you intend to use your stove in a Bell Tent.

The WinnerWell portable stove range includes the standard and budget-conscious 15KG lightweight wood-burner with free carry bag, the WinnerWell Plus stove with top lid and carry bag and the WinnerWell Deluxe which provides a baking-hole in the rear of the stove.

Originally designed for use in the humanitarian aid world and from humble beginnings, this super-lightweight Frontier wood-burner stove developed a cult following due to its clever engineering and robust design - excellent quality at a discounted price!

Cooking Considerations
You will need a chimney fitting to use your wood-burner stove in a Bell Tent and a heat-mat to protect your tent floor from any falling burning embers.

Not sure which cook-wear you will need – see our range of cast-iron Dutch ovens, skillets, lid lifters and tripods.

Looking to expand your cooking options? Check out our selection of stove add-ons and accessories and don’t forget hot water – our water tank heaters are perfect for washing, boiling or making morning coffee!

Camping Stoves

Allrounder Bushcraft Outdoor Woodburner Oven Stove 25kg – Stainless Steel

This large stainless steel portable woodburner stove weighs 25kg. It comes with a built-in oven with a temperature gauge. optional clip on water tank available. The flue stows away for easy transportation. It also has a large glass panel in door and oven. a great all-round stove for general outdoor use - 

Same day dispatch on all orders placed before 1pm, Free shipping on orders over £150 to UK

Mini Bushcraft Stove Portable & Collapsible Woodburner – Lightweight 9kg - Stainless Steel

The Mini Bushcraft Stove is a portable/collapsible log burner designed for outdoor use.

This stove is made of stainless steel and has been designed for the outdoor world whatever you may be doing. This Woodburner is one of the most portable stoves in the market and is collapsible, making it very easy to transport.

Same day dispatch on all orders placed before 1pm, Free shipping on orders over £150 to UK

Camping Stoves