Outdoor Cooking Stoves – Perfect for Camping, Socialising and BBQ’s
Including free fire-starter packs and axes, our outdoor cooking stoves include the Bushcraft Allrounder stove– a robust, versatile 25KG top-of-the-range wood-burning stove and the portable and budget-conscious Mini Bushcraft stove, ideal for camping, garden parties, fishing, family days-out and picnics.

Not sure which cook-wear you will need – see our range of cast-iron Dutch ovens, skillets, lid lifters and tripods.

Cooking on wooden flooring? A heat-mat placed under your stove will protect your patio or decking.   

Looking to expand your cooking options? Check out our selection of stove add-ons and accessories and carry bags and don’t forget hot water – our water tank heaters are ideal for washing, boiling or making morning coffee!

Outdoor Stoves

Mini Bushcraft Stove Portable & Collapsible Woodburner – Lightweight 9kg - Stainless Steel

The Mini Bushcraft Stove is a portable/collapsible log burner designed for outdoor use.

This stove is made of stainless steel and has been designed for the outdoor world whatever you may be doing. This Woodburner is one of the most portable stoves in the market and is collapsible, making it very easy to transport.

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Outdoor Stoves