Stove accessories for WinnerWell Nomad & Woodlander stoves

Made from 304-grade stainless steel or titanium, our Nomad and Woodlander stove accessories provide additional functionality and safety measures and are especially suited for camping with young children or pets.

Stainless steel grill plate - safely grill meat while camping

Titanium grill plate or net - can be used on top of stainless steel or titanium stoves, flat fire-pits and over other campfires

Stove table with fire guard – for use with camping stoves and flat fire-pits. Strongly recommended for when:

  • Cooking around young children and / or pets, to prevent unintentional contact with a hot stove
  • Sleeping to eliminate the risk of a sleeping bag being burned by a hot stove

Standing table – ideal for safely using a fire-pit fireplace, stove or oven

Stainless steel and titanium board and bottom trays – for easier feeding of long firewood and branches in stoves and reduces heat damage to the ground

Heat protector - prevents hot flue pipes from directly contacting the stove jack

30cm titanium peg – exceptionally strong and ideal for hard ground


Looking for additional accessories for your WinnerWell stove? Check out our cleaning accessories, fireproof mats, water tanks, carrying bags and replacement parts.

Not sure which accessory fits your particular stove? Please get in touch – we’re happy to help!

WinnerWell Accessories


Sauna Water Dropper

Compatible with any Large Size Winnerwell Stove with 3.5" pipes, the Sauna Water Dropper is designed to be used with the Winnerwell Sauna Stone Basket to create steam for a wilderness sauna experience. This water tank also functions well for general use and water heating in your camp. 


Titanium Peg 30cm

The Titanium Peg 30 is exceptionally strong and provides excellent holding. Its flat head and straight shaft won’t bend when pounded into even the hardest soil. Red cord offers increased visibility and easier removal.


Winnerwell 14 Cup Stainless Percolator Coffee Pot

Winnerwell® rugged and durable percolator coffee pot is great for use either on a stove top or over the campfire. It’s great for brewing coffee for camping trips, weekend leisure at the recreational cabin or the backyard fire-pit / grill.


Winnerwell Extension Legs for Nomad Series M and L

The stainless steel legs are designed for Winnerwell Nomad stoves to lift the stoves further off the ground.


Winnerwell Extension Legs for Nomad Series S

The stainless steel legs are designed for Winnerwell Nomad stoves to lift the stoves further off the ground.


Winnerwell Fire Guard Stove Table

● The Fire Guard is greatly recommended to be used when young children and pets are present to prevent unintentional contact with a hot stove. It is also important to use it during sleeping to eliminate the risk of sleeping bag burned by the hot stove. The Fire Guard also can be used separately as a surrounding table for a BBQ feast.
● To use on both wood burning camping stoves and flat firepits
● Completely made of stainless steel 304


Winnerwell Flat Smoker

Two-layer design provides enough space to smoke a large amount of food. Easy to refill the wood chips, flat and compact stowing.


Winnerwell Multi Slim Table

● Stainless material ensures the safety when using around the firepit
● More convenient to surround 4 pieces of table together around the firepit


Winnerwell Sauna Stone Basket

Compatible with Winnerwell External Air Wood Burning Tent Stove, the Sauna Stone Basket is designed to hold and heat igneous rocks to create a wilderness sauna experience.


Winnerwell Sierra Cup Titanium

An ideal gear for camping and mountain climbing with multi-purpose roles as a cup, a mug, a tableware or a cooker. 
Use for different scenes from solo or family activities to auto camps.
The handle design is sturdy and easy to hook on your fingers.


Winnerwell Stainless Grill Plate

● A product between grill iron plate and grill net.
● Most suitable for grilling meat with more fat.
● The meat will not be scorched even if the oil drips on the charcoal and the flame goes up.
● The matched handle makes you away from the upset of the hot dish, more safe and convenient to enjoy the outdoor cooking life.


WinnerWell Accessories