Cookware for your Camping Adventure!
Our extensive range of cookware provides all the cooking equipment you need, for use with outdoor wood-burner stoves or inside-tent stoves.

Cast-iron Dutch ovens, with free carry bags are available in 4.25L and 8.5L sizes, suitable for gas, fire and coal cooking methods.  The camp-fire tripod, made from heavy-duty steel, suits both Dutch ovens and pans and adds a touch of connection to your camping area, as you chat with others long into the night.

Safety options include the lid lifter, designed exclusively for Dutch ovens and made from heavy-duty steel. Created with extra support and a strong base, 4.25L and 8.5L carry bags are also suitable for Dutch ovens.

Fancy a fry-up? The cast-iron 10L and 12L frying pan and skillets offer ample cooking capacity to feed yourself and a group of others.

Cooking on wooden flooring? A heat-mat placed under your wood-burner stove will protect your patio or decking from damage.

Looking to expand your cooking options? Check out our selection of stove accessories and carry bags and don’t forget hot water – our water tank heater holds 3 litres; ready for washing, boiling or making morning coffee!

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