Winnerwell Cleaning Accessories

Cleaning Accessories for Winnerwell Stoves, Ovens, Grates and Chimneys

Keep your Winnerwell stoves, ovens, grates and flue-pipes clean, tidy and hygienic with our range of cleaning accessories:

  • Remove cooked-food remains and dirt on stoves and grates with our scrubbing sponge
  • Remove left-over ash from stoves with our small, medium and large scrapers
  • Clean soot and creosote from chimney and flue pipes using our small, medium and large pipe brushes – made from stiff wire bristles
  • Heat-resistant gloves will keep your hands safe and clean while cooking on (or cleaning) stoves and ovens, fire-pits and grates.

Looking for additional equipment and options for your Winnerwell stove? Check out our stove accessories, fireproof mats,  replacement parts and cookware.

Not sure which cleaning accessories are required for your cooking requirements? Please get in touch – we’re happy to help!

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