Winnerwell Ovens

Winnerwell Ovens, BBQ’s and Smokers

All Winnerwell ovens, BBQ’s and smokers are precision-crafted in 304-grade stainless steel, making them rust and corrosion-proof and ideal for canvas tent cooking or outdoor catering.

Placed on top of a Winnerwell wood-burning stove, the Fastfold oven can be quickly assembled as a functional camp oven which can bake various foods and sweet treats, from potatoes to biscuits and brownies. A glass-viewing window and integrated thermometer help you set the temperature and keep an eye on food being cooked inside.

Weighing 3kg, the WinnerWell mini multi-functional BBQ smoker includes a charcoal starter, a fire-pit and a cook stove – a great all-in-one oven for an affordable price.

Fastfold Smoker Oven for Large Stoves

Compatible with the Woodlander or Nomad large stoves, the superb multi-functional Fastfold smoker is perfect for feasting and enjoying outdoor get-togethers with your friends and family. Ideal for hunting, fishing, camping, the backyard and the garden patio, it can cook all types of vegetables, meat and seafood. Designed to sit on top of a Winnerwell Woodlander or Nomad large stove, or a gas burner, it can also be used as a free-standing smoker.

Pipe Ovens for Medium and Large Stoves

Compatible with the Woodlander and Nomad medium wood-burning stoves, the 2.5” pipe oven includes a fully-sealed baking chamber with two internal shelves. A glass-viewing window and integrated thermometer allow the cooking temperature to be set, while keeping an eye on the food cooking inside.

Compatible with the Woodlander and Nomad large wood-burning stoves, the 3.5” pipe oven allows you to bake food on 2x internal shelves. With the oven chamber completely sealed, this oven also includes a glass viewing window and integrated thermometer to help you cook.

Need help putting together your own customised stove & tent  package to suit your camping needs? Our Package configurator will help you choose the most appropriate stove equipment for your camping trip.

Winnerwell Oven Accessories

Our triple wall chimneys, heat protectors and flue pipe extenders enable you to place your stoves and ovens in the area required within your tents and shelters. Fit a flashing kit onto your Tent combined with a triple wall chimney and place a heat-protection mat underneath to ensure safety.

Looking for additional options for your stove or oven? Check out our fire pits, water tanks, stove accessories and cleaning equipment.

To compliment your oven, a variety of cookware is available, including Dutch ovens, skillets, lid lifters and tripods.

If you have any questions regarding our new Winnerwell range or require help choosing which stoves or accessories best suits your needs, please let us know – we’re here to help!

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