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Here at Canvas Tent Shop we offer a wide range of woodburning stoves that can be used inside a Bell Tent. Our Stoves are a great way of keeping your tent warm on cold days, cooking or even to dry out small items of clothes.

When using a stove inside a tent there are risks that you do need to be aware of, safety is number 1 priority. When selecting wood to burn, you must make sure you are using dry seasoned wood to remove any risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. It may be tempting on cold nights but you should never leave your stove burning overnight, you should always keep an eye on your stove.

We offer many different accessories for our stoves if you are planning to use it inside a Bell Tent. There are 3 accessories we strongly recommend to make it much easier and safer. Our heat mats are designed for the stoves to sit on top of and protect your groundsheet or matting by reflecting the heat away. Our Heats mats are a Teflon based, come in 2 colours; silver or black and

by Ashley Griffith on May 24, 2019

Here at Canvas Tent Shop we offer a wide variety of bell tents. This post is set out to help you choose which of our bell tents is right for you. We have been producing bell tents for well over 30 years so we like to think we really know the ins and outs of all the choices available to you.

by Ashley Griffith on April 03, 2019