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Here at Canvas Tent Shop we have had a lot of requests for different styles of Bell Tent awnings or a Bell Tent with more space. We spent a lot of time discussing and designing a new Bell Tent.

We wanted to offer our customers something a bit different. We wanted to make sure it still looked like a Bell Tent, while having more shelter and useable space. Having the ability to add or remove the canopy was absolutely crucial so customers have the choice.

by Ashley Griffith on August 30, 2019

Here at Canvas Tent Shop we offer a wide range of woodburning stoves that can be used inside a Bell Tent. Our Stoves are a great way of keeping your tent warm on cold days, cooking or even to dry out small items of clothes.

by Ashley Griffith on May 24, 2019

Here at Canvas Tent Shop we offer a wide variety of bell tents. This post is set out to help you choose which of our bell tents is right for you. We have been producing bell tents for well over 30 years so we like to think we really know the ins and outs of all the choices available to you.

by Ashley Griffith on April 03, 2019