We love to help our customers get the most out of their Bell tent camping trips.

 Here are some of our favourite handy tips & accessories to save time & effort so you can get on with enjoying the great outdoors!

Our Carabiner Sets are a great way to speed up both tent pitching & taking down. By tying your guy ropes on to the carabiners, they can simply be clipped on & off the tent canvas in a matter of seconds, saving fiddly knotting or untying with chilly fingers on those days of less than perfect British weather!

They also can be used to securely clip guy ropes on to a spark arrestor when using a stove in windier weather, safety first!

If the campsite is soggy or dusty, a Bell Tent Footprint really helps to keep your groundsheet cleaner & drier. This is a great idea to assist in keeping your whole tent cleaner too, as the groundsheet won’t get muddy, significantly reducing packing time when you need to put your tent back in its bag to head home.

At less than 10kg, our footprints are lightweight, easy to clean & quick drying, you’ll probably wonder how you managed without one!  

In the same vein, our Bell Tent Covers provide extra protection from the elements for your canvas from above!  

The lightweight polyester fabric is extremely hardwearing, quick drying & they will also help to insulate the tent in colder weather.

The bell tent covers are easy to clean & will not require reproofing, saving time & money on cleaning your canvas – they are really popular for use in areas with tree cover.

When a Bell Tent Metal Pole Set is added, the bell tent cover can also be used as a stand-alone shelter, ideal for a garden party or bbq.

When camping with pets or children, a Bell Tent Inner can be a useful accessory to keep them in (or out!) of certain areas of the tent.

The inners can be zipped closed to keep dirty paws & shoes off the bed, or to provide a bit of extra privacy when family members or friends appreciate their own space for a good night’s sleep.

Bell tent flooring can enhance both the look & comfort of your camping experience.

Full or half-moon Coir Matting is our most traditional style & is a brilliant option where optimum insulation & hardwearing good looks are the priority for a truly luxurious glamping experience.

Our Polypropylene Matting is also available in both half & full moon shapes, and a variety of colours. This is a great choice for families & campers with pets, as the matting is hardwearing, waterproof & extremely easy to clean! It is much lighter & less bulky than traditional coir matting, so is easy to manoeuvre & transport too.

As with the coir matting, It also has the added benefits of helping with insulation & protecting your groundsheet from accidental scuffs.   

For larger families, an Awning can be a great way to provide extra undercover space to your tent.

Our awnings are supplied with 2 metal poles, so they can also be used as an independent & easily portable stand-alone shelter, weighing in at only 9kg, they are ideal for taking along on a picnic if the weather is changeable, or for some extra garden party covered seating too.

And finally, as the scouts would say, it’s always best to ‘be prepared’… Accidental rips to the groundsheet or canvas of your bell tent can be a headache, so we’d always recommend stashing one of our Repair Kits in your tent bag, just in case. 

The repair kits contain various sizes of Tear-aid – a see-through, waterproof, flexible adhesive patch which can be used on a variety of fabrics including Canvas, PVC, leather, rubber, metal, plastic & more.

Happy Camping!! 

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