Bell Tent Poles

Bell Tent Poles – Wooden and Metal Replacements
Are you looking for spare or replacement wooden or metal Bell Tent poles?

Not sure which poles match which Bell Tent? The links below will guide you!

For 4M Bell Tents, you’ll need these specific wooden replacement poles.

For 5M Bell Tents, you’ll need these wooden replacement poles.

Metal poles are made from galvanised steel and both wooden and metal poles come in sectional parts.

Our spring-loaded A-frame poles are also made from sturdy galvanised steel, are 20mm in diameter & are appropriate for the 4M Kokoon Deluxe or 4M Polycotton , 5M Kokoon Deluxe or 5M Polycotton & 6M Kokoon Deluxe or 6M Polycotton Bell Tents.

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