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Canvas Tent Accessories – Your One-Stop Camping Shop!
With over 60 canvas tent accessories to choose from, with add-ons, disposables and spares to replacements and additional camping equipment, you’ll find everything you need right here!

We’ve made it super-easy to explore the accessories you need for your camping adventure, so simply choose from the product categories on the left and start exploring.

Wooden and metal Bell Tent Poles – need spares or replacements? We provide A-frame, 4M, 5M & 6M poles.

Looking for spare wooden and metal Patrol Tent Poles – we provide 14F metal ridge poles and 7F upright poles.

Need added privacy within your Kokoon Bell Tent? The Bell Tent Inner, designed for 4M or 5M Kokoon & Polycotton Bell Tents, can be attached onto the centre pole with a simple hook.

Have you misplaced or lost your canvas tent pegs? You’ll find packs of plastic, wooden and metal pegs, in 9”, 12” and 14” sizes.

Have you lost your pitching mallet? Rubber & wooden versions are available.

Use matting to create a natural look and feel to your Bell Tent floor. Coir matting is a very strong and versatile type of flooring and jute matting can be used as a great lightweight alternative.

Polypropylene matting is easy to clean & adds a pop of colour – available in half and full moon shapes.

Tent Accessory Extras
Planning to cook in your tent? Our chimney fittings enable you to use indoor-compatible wood-burner stoves in your tent. You may also need additional stove accessories  or cookware for your camping experience.

Can’t find the spares or replacements you need for your existing tent? Maybe it’s time to replace your older tent and invest in a new and secure modern design! Our range of canvas tents is extensive – from large family-size tents with all the bells and whistles, to smaller and cosier designs to provide exactly what you need, without a huge price tag.

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