Which Budget Camping Tent Should You Choose?

Are you looking for an affordable “budget” camping tent that provides the basic necessities, without compromising on safety?

Do you need a portable, lightweight tent that can be pitched with minimum fuss?

Designed to offer the bare essentials in durable tent camping, at a competitive price-point that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, take a look at our lightest bell tent, the “Lite” 

Weighing only 14.2kg, this Oxford canvas tent is ideal for short week-ends breaks, family getaways and glamping. Many of our customers have found this tent super-useful as a garden enclosure for their children to play in – ideal for getting them used to outdoor camping, especially when camping for the first time as a family.

Fitting into car-boots of all sizes, the Bell Tent Lite – available in 4m and 5m – includes a zipped-in groundsheet, adding extra safety and security when camping with children and is water, mildew, mould and rot-proof, thereby making your tent a long-term investment.

Perfect for sound systems, phone chargers and portable TV’s, this tent also includes an electrical cable access point.

Equipment Essentials to Make Your Camping Enjoyable

  • Spare pegs just in case you lose some
  • Mallet to bang in your pegs
  • A comfortable sleeping bag
  • Airbed or portable mattress
  • Camping chairs
  • Cooker or BBQ
  • Windbreak for privacy
  • Things to keep you entertained, if the weather turns bad, such as games for your children, music system, books.

If you need any advice regarding the Bell Tent Lite or additional accessories that are not discussed in the suggestions above, please contact us – we’re here to help!

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